Green Imaging Technologies Inc.

Green Imaging Technologies

Green Imaging Technologies, Inc. (GIT) is a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) solutions company for the oil and gas sector, providing software and core testing services. As Director of the industrial MRI Centre at UNB, Dr. Bruce Balcom developed a technology that measured capillary pressure in rock formations.

The technology was revolutionary and particularly unique, as it took non-destructive core measurements five to ten times faster than traditional equipment and provided more accurate results. This proved to be the type of technology which could significantly benefit oil and gas companies in their exploration efforts.

Working with Springboard members and the Office of Research Services at UNB, Dr. Balcom was able to encourage his former Ph.D. graduate Dr. Derrik Green, and his wife Jill Green, to move back home to Fredericton from the United States to help him commercialize the technology. In 2005 GIT was born.

According to Jill Green, the company’s existence and success would never have happened without the assistance of UNB’s Office of Research Services and their Springboard connections. The ongoing partnership with UNB promises to advance innovation and diversification within the area of magnetic resonance imaging, to the benefit of the regional economy.