CRISP Modules for Professional Learning Communities

Dr. Douglas Willms, Director of the Canadian Research Institute for Social Policy (CRISP), has repeatedly been asked for copies of his PowerPoint slides after various speaking engagements. In August 2007, six 'CRISP Modules' were presented to a live audience at the Wu Centre at the University of New Brunswick. These were filmed so that a wide audience could use them. They are accompanied by a set of slides which are available to be downloaded. We hope you enjoy these videos, and please feel free to email your feedback to us at The modules and slides are provided without charge and can be passed on to others without permission.

The staff at CRISP wishes to thank the crew at Atlantic Mediaworks and the staff at The Learning Bar Inc. for their assistance in preparing these modules. The CRISP staff also wishes to acknowledge support received from Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) for the research program, 'Raising and Levelling the Bar.' This four-year program has involved a pan-Canadian network of new investigators dedicated to research on children's development that contributes to the improvement of the learning, behavioural, and health outcomes of Canadian children.

Online Videos

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