The Centre for Advanced Studies–Atlantic (CAS–Atlantic) has been active in the organization of a number of workshops that highlight our research, that of our partners and others with similar interests.

See also our invited talks page for more information about the work we presented at the workshops below.

Advances in Open Runtimes and Cloud Performance Technologies Series

The goal of this workshop series is to bring together research, industry, and development communities to share and discuss innovations, challenges, and research across a broad set of open-source runtime technologies (such as Eclipse OMR, LLVM, Eclipse OpenJ9, Node.js) for cloud environments. The focus on open technology solutions rather than proprietary is key as it allows for greater collaboration amongst individuals, communities, researchers, and companies through shared learning on common technology.

Building Language Runtimes with Eclipse OMR (TURBO ’18)

Co-located with SPLASH 2018; The high-level goals of this workshop were to:

  1. introduce the Eclipse OMR open-source framework for building and enhancing language runtimes: what it is, the runtime components that have been contributed, active areas of development, and how workshop participants can become involved;
  2. allow language runtime practitioners and researchers to describe promising ongoing projects that leverage Eclipse OMR so that participants can hear first-hand how this technology is being used;
  3. provide a hands-on tutorial to demonstrate how advanced JIT and GC technologies can be easily integrated into an existing runtime;
  4. conclude with a birds-of-a-feather (BoF) session with workshop participants moderated by Eclipse OMR project leads to discuss the needs and challenges of runtime development and research communities and how open-source runtime technologies should evolve to meet those requirements.
More information, including the program, is available on the SPLASH 2018/TURBO web page.