Memory Organization based on Data Temperature

Effectively managing memory in a virtual machine environment is key to performance. With the ever increasing demands on data processing it is more important than ever to do this effectively to achieve both real-time and big data demands. Garbage collection is the periodic process of cleaning the memory regions to delete unused memory. During this process we also have an opportunity to analyze memory usage and perform any tasks that can increase memory efficiency. One such task is the leveraging of data temperature. Hot data is memory accessed frequently and requiring close proximity to the CPU for minimal delays during execution; whereas cold data is infrequently accessed data that can be stored in distant slower memory technology since the number of accesses is low and lengthy access times result in minimal penalties. While this concept proved promising with earlier research and investigations by the applicants, the hardware support was not ideal for commercialization. This proposal focuses on leveraging new hardware features from Intel to further research the theory of cold regions and prototype the work for commercialization. In addition, other memory regions such as the shared class cache are considered for exploitation.

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