Atlantic Digital Grid

Project Purpose

The Atlantic Digital Grid project is an active collaboration involving multiple academic units and teams from the University of New Brunswick and industrial partners Emera, NS Power, NB Power and Siemens Canada. The Centre for Advanced Studies–Atlantic (CAS–Atlantic) has as its goal the design of a new infrastructure to support management of a distributed energy resource (DER) network, allowing each DER in the network to share their properties to a cloud environment where the data can be collected for further analytics and predictive modeling.

Energy System Platform—Project Summary

The objective is to consider and model the communal effect of distributed energy resources (DERs). A single DER, by itself, is capable of being monitored, measured and maintained, but when there is a network of such resources, then the collective represents a distributed resource that is much harder to monitor, measure and manage—all necessary criteria for establishing a reliable solution.

The expected outcome of this theme is the development of infrastructure to support management of a DER network. With the development of a standard monitoring protocol, one can have each of the DERs in the network share their properties to a cloud environment where the data can be collected. Once this data is available, then it is possible to do analytics and predictive modeling to address key questions such as:

  • What is the reliability of the DERs, as a collective, to deliver a set demand load?
  • What is the effect of particular DERs, or a collection of DERs, becoming unavailable?
  • What is the variance of the load from the collective DERs?
  • Can we predict the times when the load will vary based on other criteria (e.g., weather)?
  • What effect would additional DER(s) have on the grid in terms of available load and reliability?

CAS–Atlantic’s currently plans to engage one postdoc, one PhD student and one Master’s student on the project. See Prospective Students for more information for research opportunities.