Our Mission

The mission of CAS–Atlantic is to conduct research aimed at advancing the performance and concurrency of software executing on multicore systems. Innovations are explored in the context of real-world applications through our industry partnerships, with large and small companies. CAS–Atlantic is a broad-based unit having both educational and research goals.

Become Involved

By working in joint research relationships with commercial partners, valuable insights are discovered that might not be encountered in the university environment alone. Students participate in commercial efforts that complement the university teaching environment. Industrial mentors find that working with university faculty and students is an enriching experience that adds an exciting dimension to their work and provides research expertise in areas of interest. Partners find that building relationships along with ground-breaking research, and having an institution to cultivate, organize, and maintain their interests, yields a bigger return on their university investments. Corporate investment can leverage additional, significant investments from numerous funding bodies, such as ACOA, NBIF, NSERC, NRC-IRAP and MITACS.

CAS–Atlantic has a proven track record of fostering such relationships. In addition to our founding partner, IBM, the Centre has assisted other large corporations and a number of SME’s in Atlantic Canada with their software development and performance monitoring. Our experience in investigating leading edge techniques and having much of our work integrated into real commercial products, ideally positions us to bridge the worlds of learning, research and commercial development. We bring to the table in-depth expertise in a range of technologies, including: Java; the Java Virtual Machine; Node.js; performance measurement and improvement; scalability; parallel, real-time and multithreaded programming; Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) clouds; cloud multitenancy; memory management, compaction and garbage collection; cache performance; simulation; massively multicore and embedded systems; and software engineering.