Age-Friendly Communities

After chairing the Premier's Panel on Seniors and releasing the Living Healthy, Aging Well report, John has turned to Age Friendly Communities as a critical focus toward a thriving New Brunswick.

While the prospect of a population increasingly dominated by older adults is often feared, John feels that change should be a watershed moment for the province's priority setting.

Realistically, New Brunswick and its Maritime neighbours need to undergo major change in order to maintain their celebrated quality of life. Despite that being no secret, the conversation often misses how joyful necessary change can be. Any traveller can regale friends with stories of the fantastic cities they’ve seen - places where people of all ages sit in plazas under umbrellas and amble through lively streets. Why should Maritimers have to go on vacation or move to a retirement community to experience fantastic city life?

Enlisting urbanist Gracen Johnson as a research and communication partner, John is exploring how demographic change could be the catalyst for a revisioning of the places we live.

The ongoing results of this effort are being catalogued in a shareable document online here.

People quietly just killin' it in a great little city from Gracen Johnson on Vimeo.