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Holding Name: ContactNB
Year(s): 1996-2021
Dataset Number: PTL02
Data Provider: Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour
Category(s): Labour

Data Description

Within the Government of New Brunswick, the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour (PETL) provides employment counselling for individuals searching for permanent employment. The PETL employment counsellor can help clients with career planning, work preparation, and job searching, depending on the needs of the client.

Individuals seeking employment counselling first make an appointment with the employment counsellor, during which time an assessment is completed to determine the individual’s eligibility for the program and an appropriate course of action. An employment action plan can then be created to determine steps the client should take to achieve their employment goals. These steps within the action plan include interventions ranging from training (e.g., further education) to job search advice (e.g., resumé writing workshops). Some of the education-related (training) interventions will qualify for a Funding Determination Form (FDF), which means they qualified for funding under the intervention. These FDFs run for up to 4 years and cover a proportion of the costs of tuition, books, daycare, and other education-related costs.

During the first appointment with a client, the employment counsellor creates a case file containing all the assessment and action plan information pertaining to that client. Each case file includes up to one assessment and one action plan. An action plan will include one or more interventions to be completed by the individual to help them in achieving their career-related goals. An individual could potentially have multiple case files from different periods of time.

The ContactNB database is used to track information on employment counselling clients. The eight program data files for ContactNB contain information about an individual’s case file, assessment, action plan, interventions, education history, and employment history, as well as FDF and group session information when applicable. The Case_file Table lists each case file and includes information on assessment, action plan, client, action plan closure, and post-action plan closure as available. The Education Table lists each education entry for each individual. The Employment Table similarly lists each employment history entry. The Group_session Table lists each individual in each group session and includes information on the group session. The Intervention Table lists each intervention for each action plan and includes intervention information. The Intervention_FDF Table lists each intervention FDF for each applicable intervention and provides basic information about the FDF. The FDF_item Table goes more in-depth listing information for each FDF item date range. The FDF_month Table similarly goes more in-depth, but it lists FDF items by month rather than by the overall date range.