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eWaste recycling

Between the Fredericton and Saint John campus, UNB has diverted well over 65,000 pounds of electronic waste from the landfill in the last 3 years.

UNB Fredericton

UNB now has three electronic waste recycling bins on the Fredericton campus to make it easy for you to dispose of unwanted personal electronic devices, such as cell phones, batteries, and empty printer cartridges. These drop off locations can be found at the following 3 locations:

  • Outside the ITS department in Head Hall (D level)
  • The University Bookstore lobby
  • The Harriet Irving Library Commons

Our unit collects a lot of batteries, is there some way to make disposing of them easier?

Many different types of batteries can be recycled. If your unit collects a lot of batteries you can make a request for a Call 2 Recycle box from UNB Work Control at fm@unb.ca.  Once the box is filled, just call the mail courier on the box and they will come to pick it up. Once your box is collected you can request a new box from work control.

What happens to old computers on campus?

When a computer gets replaced at the University of New Brunswick, it doesn’t get thrown in a landfill. One project coordinated by ITS, the Student Union, and Financial services is the Great Computer Giveaway. Laptops that are coming out of service, that were a part of the Student Technology Fee purchases from prior years, are refurbished and offered to students in financial need. The giveaway has provided over 400 computers to students at no cost to them since 2004.

Computers and flat panel monitors go to the Computers for Schools program, where systems are supplied to local schools, libraries and non-profits/charities.

NB eWaste Program

In 2017 New Brunswick established its first electronic waste management program.  Check out the Recycle NB website for information about the electronic waste recycling program, what can and cannot be recycled, where to find electronic recycling locations near you, and much more.