Waste Management | Areas of Focus | Climate Change Action Plan | UNB


Regional facilities and pick-up opportunities limit UNB in waste management. 

Existing successes

  • The Free Cycle room at UNB Saint John collects items which would otherwise be thrown out and allows individuals to take and reuse these items as needed
  • Both campuses offer community gardens and partake in small-scale composting
  • UNB's Student Union partnered with the Ville to collect student, staff and faculty compost in the fall and deliver it to the Ville's community gardens
  • UNB Fredericton is converting all single stream garbage bins to three sort bins (garbage, paper, refundable materials), which translated to a shift in the number of materials recycled
  • UNB Saint John continues to recycle all electronic components on campus and ensures the proper disposal of these items
  • UNB Fredericton completed a waste audit, with a full picture of the number and types of waste produced on campus
  • UNB Saint John has completed preliminary waste assessments

By 2025, UNB would like to explore:

  • Alternative opportunities to reduce waste produced on campus
  • The types of waste currently produced
  • Opportunities to recycle and reduce the sources of waste

To achieve gains in these areas UNB will:

  • Explore opportunities for small unit composting (FR/SJ)
  • Explore opportunities to recycle plastics and continue to recycle cardboard and paper (FR/SJ)
  • Develop a waste source inventory that highlights the types of waste currently produced (FR/SJ)
  • Develop materials that support waste management education (FR/SJ)