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In the next five years, UNB commits to collect information through a variety of assessments and surveys to address the resistance towards sustainable transportation and understand behaviour patterns.

Existing successes

  • UNB Saint John promotes sustainable transportation during its Transportation Month
  • UNB Fredericton offers a transportation option within the Department of Civil Engineering as well as an opportunity to study transportation within the Masters of Engineering program
  • UNB Saint John's car sharing program promotes carpooling opportunities
  • Cyclists can access bike racks on both campuses as well as a bike repair station in front of the Kinesiology Building at UNB Fredericton

Increase the number of active transportation users on campus

  • Implement a transportation survey that studies travel methods and behaviours (FR/SJ)
  • Development of a transportation plan (FR/SJ)
  • Promote active transportation through increased programming and education (FR)

Reduce emissions produced by campus community

  • Conduct a fleet assessment (FR/SJ)
  • Develop anti-idling policy (FR/SJ)
  • Explore opportunities to reduce daily campus travel (SJ)
  • Develop a new sustainable travel policy (FR/SJ)
  • Upgrade and expand video conferencing technology (FR/SJ)