Climate Change Education and Program

With its successes as a research facility and many academic programs, UNB produces graduates who are prepared to handle the consequences of climate change and hopes to add climate change topics into every faculty on its campuses.

Existing successes

  • Publication of the annual institutional Green Review to promote both campuses' sustainability work
  • Establishment of the Environment and Natural Resource undergraduate program as well as the Masters of Environmental Management to explore climate change issues and solve complex problems
  • Creation of UNB Sustainability (Fredericton) in 2014 to provide various programming on campus
  • UNB Saint John's Facilities Management provides the campus with recycling opportunities 
  • UNB Fredericton's Green Representatives Program offers students the opportunity to be green leaders in their residences
  • UNB Fredericton hosted the first annual Sustainability Week in 2018

Create educational opportunities around climate change

  • Integration of climate change into curriculum (FR/SJ)
  • Develop a climate change hub (FR/SJ)
  • Explore opportunities for co-curricular partnership (FR/SJ)