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Director of Energy and Sustainability

Tom Gilmore

Tom Gilmore (he/him) is the Director of Energy and Sustainability for the University of New Brunswick.  After over a decade in the manufacturing world following completion of a Mechanical Engineering Degree, Tom returned to UNB to apply his energy efficiency experience and passion to UNB’s operations.  Tom is responsible for a long-standing energy management program, UNB’s utilities portfolio for over 2.5M sq ft of building space, as well as the Central Heating Plant and steam distribution system, which also supplies the local hospital. 

UNB’s Energy Management program has invested over $14M in energy saving projects since 1996 and continue to invest in projects that reduce energy consumption and GHGs.  In 2014 the first position solely focused on sustainability was added to the Energy group to help improve UNB’s sustainability in areas beyond utilities.  Over the years this has grown into a sustainability group responsible for the strategic planning, development, implementation, and monitoring of all aspects of sustainability on each of our campuses, including several large multi-year plans and initiatives, including a climate action plan for the university.

A strong believer in education, in addition to being a Professional Engineer, Tom also holds Certified Energy Manager and Certified Educational Facilities Professional designations as well as certificates in management development and leadership.  Tom is a strong believer in teamwork and is fortunate to work with an amazing team that continually strive to make UNB more sustainable.

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Sustainability Manager

Danielle Smith

Danielle Smith (she/her) is the Sustainability Manager for UNB. Danielle has had the pleasure of developing the UNB Sustainability program from the ground up. Over seven short years, she has established and implemented baseline metrics to track the overall sustainability of the university, improved the universities’ overall sustainability score and advocated that sustainability become a strategic pillar of UNB (Vision 2030). As the Sustainability Manager, Danielle is responsible for the strategic planning, development, implementation, and monitoring of all aspects of sustainability on each of our campuses. Which has included several large multi-year sustainability initiatives, such as the Climate Change Action Plan, the campus-specific Sustainability Plans, and Climate Change Adaptation Strategies, which have engaged multiple stakeholders within and outside the university while increasing the overall sustainability of the campus

Danielle has multidisciplinary background in biology, forestry, art, advocacy, and is an expert in sustainability and environmental management with more than a decade of experience in leadership, project management, research, and teaching.  Daneille is an experienced sustainability professional and advocate, proficient with a variety of methods to motivate the campus community to act and develop their expertise within the interdisciplinary field of Sustainability.  Danielle studied at UNB and holds a BSc in Biology and a MSF, with a focus on wildlife management.

Danielle Is passionate about sustainable living, fiber arts and exploring the natural wonders of our province and beyond.

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Energy Coordinator

Nikole Watson

Nikole Watson (she/her) is the Energy Coordinator for UNB and focuses on utility meter reliability and new energy opportunities for the institution. Nikole maintains an inventory of energy projects approved and implemented under the Energy Management Program (EMP) and monitors energy consumption for both campuses. She reports annually on the energy and cost savings of all projects to the Energy Management Committee.

Nikole has a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from UNB and a diploma in Civil Engineering from St. Francis Xavier University. Nikole has a LEED Green Associate designation that enables her to take a more holistic approach to building design, with sustainability and energy efficiency at the fore front. Nikole is passionate about off-grid living, lowering her carbon footprint, and supporting local.

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Climate Change Officer

Brad Nason

Bradley Nason (he/him) holds a BSc in GeoEnvironmental Engineering from UNB and an MSc in Energy & Sustainability (Energy, Environment & Buildings) from the University of Southampton. In his role as UNBs Climate Change Officer, he oversees several portfolios focused on climate change related campus operations, as well as working on engaging the campus community in achieving various UNB climate change goals. Prior to his work at UNB, Brad worked in the environmental engineering consultancy field, working on environmental assessment and remediation projects around Atlantic Canada.

Brad is passionate about using climate change and sustainability programs to help the environment and increase the socioeconomic opportunities for people.

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Sustainability Engagement & Education Officer

Dr. Matt Bishop

Matt Bishop (he/him) is the Sustainability Engagement & Education Officer for UNB Sustainability. Based on the Saint John Campus, Matt focuses on the advancement of UNB as a leader in Sustainability, through the implementation of engagement and education work. This includes the development of novel engagement platforms to allow for improved networking amongst the UNB community while simultaneously creating opportunities for new ways to incorporate sustainability education within the curriculum and UNB experience.

Matt received a master’s in chemistry at the University of Bath and a doctorate in chemical and environmental engineering, focusing on a holistic view for the development of novel photovoltaic devices, at the University of Nottingham. Prior to joining the UNB Sustainability Team, Matt worked as a Laboratory Manager at the University of Nottingham, on the China campus. He focused on the development of a pilot scale process, and life cycle assessment, of a more sustainable additive manufacturing technique for printing metals. After moving to Canada, Matt wanted to focus his career on improving the education and communication surrounding sustainability, as he saw this as one of the largest obstacles towards sustainable development. Matt really loves promoting new ideas and engaging with everyone!

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Energy Officer

Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown (he/him) is the Energy Officer for UNB Sustainability. Aaron focuses on the advancement of UNB as a leader in Sustainability through the implementation of energy programs. He is responsible for facilitating and supporting approaches to improving the overall energy composition at UNB. This includes projects under the Climate Change Action Plan.

Aaron has completed a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies at St. Thomas University and a Masters in Environmental Management at UNB. Before starting this position, Aaron led the development of UNB Saint John’s Campus Sustainability Plan which included a gap analysis of the current sustainability performance at UNBSJ and a campus community consultation. He is passionate about sustainability and believes the first step in sustainable development is making change at the local level.

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