Advisory committee

Sustainability Advisory Committee

The Sustainability Advisory Committee provides feedback and advice to the Sustainability Program leaders regarding the development and implementation of sustainability initiatives and supporting partnerships within and outside of the university.

This allows various university departments to be active in providing campus specific guidance on program development and delivery as well as on future plans of the Sustainability Program at UNB Fredericton.


  • Associate Vice-President (Academic, Saint John)
  • Associate Vice-President Academic (Learning Environment, Fredericton)
  • Energy Manager, Facilities Management
  • Chair of the Climate Change Action Plan Committee
  • Sustainability Coordinator, Facilities Management
  • Student Union Representative from each campus
  • 2 Faculty from UNB Fredericton, 1 Faculty from UNB Saint John
  • 2 non-operational staff from UNB Fredericton, 1 staff from UNB Saint John