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Satellite Contact

Image credit: Mackenzie Savoy

A satellite contact occurred.  Details are:

  • date: Tuesday, November 26, 2019
  • time: 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m, Atlantic Standard Time (1430 to 1530 UTC)
  • location: the Quad between the Harriet Irving Library and Tilley Hall
  • amateur radio operator: Dave Goodwin, call sign VE9CB, Atlantic Director, Radio Amateurs of Canada
  • call sign: VE9UNB, the call sign of the UNB Amateur Radio Club will be used.
  • Acquisition Of Signal (AOS) starts at 10:58:34 a.m. Atlantic Daylight Time, 14:58:44 (UTC), at an azimuth of 13 degrees.
  • maximum elevation is 81 degrees above the horizon at azimuth of 98 degrees.
  • Loss Of Signal (LOS) is at 11:10:00 a.m. Atlantic Daylight Time, 15:10:00 UTC, at an azimuth of 192 degrees.
  • For using a compass, the magnetic declination in the quad is about -17.5 degrees.
  • satellite: AO-92 (FOX-1D), amateur radio satellite, AO-92 at AMSAT, AO-92 at Wikipedia
  • optional PC software to predict satellite passes: gpredict at OZ9AEC
  • optional iPhone software to predict satellite passes: SatSat
  • estimate sky angles: A Handy Guide to Measuring the Sky to estimate sky angles by the fingers in your outstretched arm
  • weather forecast: -2 degrees C, feels like -6, 10 % pop

Image credit: Mackenzie Savoy

This event is co-sponsored with the IEEE New Brunswick Section, the UNB Amateur Radio Club, and CubeSat NB.