The University of New Brunswick offers a range of entrepreneurship programs on-campus and off-campus in Fredericton, Saint John and other New Brunswick locations. 


The International Business & Entrepreneurship Centre (IBEC) is a specialized centre housed within the University of New Brunswick's Faculty of Management in Fredericton, New Brunswick. IBEC's main objective is to facilitate entrepreneurial endeavours amongst promising students through such methods as the Venture Analyst Program.

  • Venture Analyst Program: Work with an actual start-up venture and gain valuable real-world experience while you're on your way to earning a concentration in entrepreneurship. No matter what you want to do when you finish your degree, the leadership skills you build will help you launch your career.

  • Export Partnering Program: The Export Partnering Program (EPP) is about gaining the knowledge and skills to develop and implement an export marketing strategy.

J Herbert Smith Centre

The Technology Management & Entrepreneurship Programs at the J Herbert Smith Centre are for students and working professionals who are attracted to working in multi-disciplinary teams to develop their managerial and entrepreneurial skills. In 2010, Industry Canada identified UNB as a leading university for teaching and learning entrepreneurship.

  • Diploma (DTME): Develop strong management skills and gain hands-on experience in an entrepreneurial setting, which will help them jumpstart their careers.

  • Masters (MTME): Learn the ins and outs of the startup world with our one-year program.

  • Lean Launch Pad Accelerator: Rooted in an experiential learning approach, students have an opportunity to use the Lean Launch Pad methodology to start a business in the fall or winter semester. In the summer a more intensive Summer Institute program, is available. The Summer Institute is open to anyone interested in building a startup.

Pond-Deshpande Centre

The Pond-Deshpande Centre acts as a catalyst to advance innovation and entrepreneurship by inspiring and engaging youth, promoting entrepreneurship as a solution to many of the region’s challenges and therefore helping provide opportunities for meaningful work. PDC programming and support enables people to pursue their passions, to generate impact, as well as to create wealth and shared prosperity for the region.

PDC is member of the Deshpande Foundation’s global family which also includes the MIT Deshpande Centre in Boston, the Deshpande Centre India-Hubli Sandbox, and Entrepreneurship for All in Lowell, MA.  

  • Student Ambassador Program: for post-secondary students who are passionate, tenacious, impact-oriented, changemakers motivated to learn about and champion the entrepreneurial mindset and culture in Atlantic Canada.
  • B4 Change Social Impact Accelerator: blends the traditional cohort model with the flexibility and individualization needed to accelerate many more sustainable and scalable high impact enterprises with blended value propositions.  Working in collaboration with partners, B4Change offers more opportunities to more entrepreneurs and companies at various stages of growth, to a large geographical region (Atlantic Canada), and provides the right tools at the right time to accelerate them to the next phase of growth.
  • Changemaker Funding Program:  provides the right funding at the right time for changemakers with innovative high-impact ideas to solve real-world problems. Though the Catalyst Fund, aspiring entrepreneurs test their ideas in the marketplace and through the Ignition Fund, they develop and refine their business models. The PDC also manages the Saint John True Growth Fund. The goal is to accelerate the development of new ideas, innovations and business ventures that "do well and do good."  

Wallace McCain Institute

The Wallace McCain Institute at UNB runs programs for high potential entrepreneurs to give them what they need to succeed. The focus is on entrepreneurs that are at a crossroads in their life & company. WMI surrounds them with experiences to inform their gut and push beyond where they ever thought they could go.

  • Entrepreneurial Leaders Program (ELP): Is for entrepreneur who wishes to reach your full potential. This program provides members with experiential learning to build better business judgement.

  • Family Business Peer to Peer Group (ECho): Is for the next generation involved in family businesses as they face unique challenges to establish their own identity. The goal is to provide a network of peer to peer support to the next generation in order to improve succession success.

  • Peer Group for "2nd - in - Command": For founders, presidents and CEOs, to provide their 2nd - in - Command to develop the abilities to help translate their dream into reality.