The Academic Procession

A picturesque procession of graduates, faculty and dignitaries marches from the Mackay Promenade up the hill to the Aitken University Centre before each graduation ceremony.

Order of Procession

The procession is traditionally led by a piper who is followed by the University Marshal; PhD, master’s, and bachelor’s graduands; faculty; the Platform Party; and the mace bearer. If present, the Lieutenant-Governor and the aide-de-camp are at the end of the procession.




Where to Line Up for Procession

Graduates line up in the Mackay Promenade approximately 30 minutes before the start of each ceremony. Faculty and staff line up outside the SUB Atrium (downhill side) overlooking Mackay Promenade. Members of the Platform Party line-up in the Student Union Building, adjacent to the gowning room, SUB 103. If it is raining, graduates will line up at the South Gym; professors will line up on the lower level of the Aitken University Centre, adjacent to the General Skate area; and the Platform Party will line up adjacent to the gown room at the Aitken University Centre.