• Degree Offered: MA
  • Application Deadline: Jan. 15 (early deadline for funding consideration for the Arts Assistantship) and April 1 (final deadline, all applications must be complete). All research-based applications received by March 1 will be considered for internal departmental funding. Course based applicants are not eligible for funding.
    • Late Domestic applicants may be considered subject to availability of space. Contact the Department for more information.
  • Study Options: Research-based stream with MA Report, and Course-based stream with research essay, Co-op options for either stream
  • Length: One to two years, minimum one extra term with Co-op option
  • Entry Terms: Fall (winter can be considered for special circumstances only. Contact the Department for more information)

The MA Economics Program includes two streams: (i) Research-Based Stream (RBS) and (ii) Course-Based Stream (CBS). RBS consists of eight one-term graduate courses and a Master's Report while CBS consists of 10 graduate courses, one of which must be an elective with a research essay. Applicants should declare their preferred stream at the time of application. Once in the program, students can apply for a change in their stream based on academic performance.

Co-op is optional, not specifically required for the degree. Co-op can be taken by either research-based or course-based students. The option will allow students to supplement their academic education with on-the-job learning. 

The foundations of the MA program is a core of courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics. Courses in regional economic development, transportation economics, environmental economics, health economics, industrial organization, public policy and applied econometrics are regularly offered. For both the RBS and CBS there are two options in terms of the duration and content of the program: one-year program and two-year program.

We generally have about 30 students in the program.

Research areas

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Regional Development 
  • Industrial Organization
  • Labour Economics
  • Environmental Economics
  • Transportation Economics
  • Health Economics
  • Public Policy
  • Financial Economics

Current faculty research

Application requirements

  1. Applicants should hold a BA, Honours Economics or a program with intensive specialization in Economics with a minimum GPA 3.0 (B, or upper second-class standing).
  2. Applicants are required to submit a completed application, including three references at least two Academic, a statement of purpose, and a resume.
  3. International Applicants must also submit official Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test score (minimum score of 150 in Quantitative Part).
  4. International Applicants whose first language is not English will be required to submit language scores. Minimum Internet Based TOEFL  score of  92/120 or a minimum IELTS band 7.

Contact us

For more information, contact Dr. Yuri Yevdokimov, Director of Graduate Studies, or Jodi O'Neill, Administrative Assistant.

Office: Singer Hall, RM 465

Phone: 1-506-453-4828

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