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Home workouts

No matter where you are on your fitness & wellness journey, starting a new home-workout routine can present its challenges. URec's team of certified trainers & exercise experts have compiled a variety of workout ideas and instructional videos, making it easier than ever to participate in physical activity from the comfort of your own space. 

URec's new YouTube channel features a collection of home-based videos that include exercises for the lower & upper body, core strength and power. Workouts are suitable for all fitness levels.


Every minute on the minute

In this ten minute exercise you'll first set a timer and select two exercises from the list. Once you decide how many repetitions you want to complete within each minute, perform each exercise and then rest for whatever time may be remaining in that minute. Choose your repetitions wisely - you'll want some rest before the next minute begins!

Full workout description is available here.


In this workout, you'll participate in twenty seconds of exercise followed by ten seconds of rest. This workout features a variety of exercises over eight rounds. Feel free to tailor the workout by selecting at least four different exercises from the list. 

Full workout description is available here.

Group exercise

With this workout, you'll select three exercises from the list and then decide on how many sets and reps to complete. Consider customizing this workout by adding another group of three exercises or by changing the amount of set and repetitions. 

Full workout description is available here.