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Health & wellness at home

URec recognizes the important role that physical activity plays in our health & well-being. While we all adapt and do our best to settle into a new routine, we must also continue to find ways to stay active & healthy from the comfort of our own space. It is no secret that working or studying at home may present new challenges, especially when it comes to dedicating time for regular physical activity or taking care of our mental health and emotional needs. Let URec’s team of certified trainers & exercise experts guide you through instructional videos and effective tips for maintaining an active & healthy lifestyle at home.

Tips to stay active & healthy at home

Staying active & healthy at home encompasses many factors and can include our emotional well-being, nutritional wellness and the level of physical activity we incorporate into our daily routines. Consider implementing these tips and strategies when maintaining an active & healthy lifestyle at home.

Home workouts

Not sure where to start with your new home-workout routine? URec's team of certified trainers & exercise experts have created a variety of home workouts that can be completed from the comfort of your own space. URec's new YouTube channel features a collection of home-based videos that include exercises for lower & upper body, core strength and power. 


Additional resources

While at home, stay up-to-date with your favorite instructor, trainer or community resource.