Finding a Place to Live in Fredericton 

It is important to consider all your options when you are deciding where to live. We recommend that international students arrive early to begin their search for accommodation.

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On-Campus Housing

There are 13 residence houses at UNB; three men's, two women's, and eight co-ed. The rooms are furnished with desks, bookshelves, wastebaskets, bulletin boards, single beds, dressers, and wardrobes. Within each residence, lounges, study rooms, laundry and other facilities are also provided.

For detailed information on the UNB residence community, please visit their website.

Important Considerations

  • Living on campus is convenient, a great way to meet friends, be in an English immersion environment, and integrate into the Canadian culture.
  • The residence deposit is not refundable, and therefore if you decide not to live in a UNB residence, you will not get this money back.
  • Once you sign a UNB Residence Contract (a document you must sign before receiving a room key) it is very difficult to move out of residence (your student account will be charged automatically). You should be 100% sure about your decision to live on campus before signing any documents.
  • Generally UNB Residences are not full and therefore if you are not certain about where you want to live it may be a good idea to arrive a few days early, stay in temporary accommodation, and explore other housing options in the city before committing to living on campus.


UNB is offered Homestay opportunities through a partnership with Canada Homestay Network, Canada's largest and most trusted Homestay organization. Experience the excitement and security of becoming part of a Canadian family matched specifically to your wants and needs. To receive more information and apply for a Homestay placement visit their website, or email our UNB representative with any questions.

Off-Campus Housing

How to Look for an Apartment

You should arrive at least two weeks before classes begin to start looking for an apartment. On arrival, check the following places for apartments/rooms:

  • Check listings on KIJIJI
  • Check signs on lawns and windows for apartments for rent
  • Contact UNB cultural organizations for advice on accommodations
  • Check bulletin boards on campus

It is important to remember that:

  • Prices are usually for UNFURNISHED apartments. Stove and fridge included in the cost.
  • One bedroom apartments are difficult to obtain. Students often rent a room in an apartment or house with two or three other students and share kitchen facilities.
  • You should set up an appointment to view the rental facilities to make sure they are suitable.
  • For more tips, check out the UNB Off-Campus Handbook

Tips on Signing a Lease

  • A Lease is a contract between you and the landlord. This is a legally binding document so be sure to check the terms and conditions carefully.
  • It is very difficult to move out in the middle of your lease. If you change your mind after you sign a lease you will have to pay a minimum of three months rent.
  • If you rent an apartment with other students and you are the only one who signs the contract or lease, then you alone are responsible for the conditions of the apartment as well as the FULL payment of the rent each month.
  • Security deposits are required when you rent an apartment. The security deposit is usually one month’s rent and it will be returned to you when the lease expires. However, the apartment must be inspected by the landlord to ensure that the apartment has been cleaned and no damage has occurred. If the apartment is not cleaned and you have caused damage to the apartment, then cost for cleaning and repairing the apartment will be deducted from your security deposit. When you have decided to rent a room/apartment, inspect the room/apartment carefully and write down the condition of the room/apartment. Date the document and have the landlord sign your list before you sign the lease. 
  • If you have questions or problems with your landlord you should call the Rentalsman’s Office (453-2557) right away.

Important things to consider when looking for an Apartment

  • What is my Budget?
    • Make a list of all your expenses associated with renting an apartment and do not go over that budget.
    • For example: First months rent: $350, Security/damage deposit: $350, Internet: $40
  • Is the apartment Furnished
    • If your apartment/room is not furnished you will have additional expenses. 
    • For example: Bed: $100, pots and pans: $50, dishes: $40, sheets/blankets:  $60, desk and chair: $80 
  • Are Utilities (Heat and Electricity) included in rental cost?
    • It can get extremely cold in the winter months (December-February) and heating costs (electric or oil) are extremely expensive in Canada. The rent may be reasonable, but if utilities are not included, you may end up paying an additional $200-300/month for heat. And there is extra cost and hassle in getting the electricity hooked up in your name.
    • If you are looking at a place that does NOT include heat, make sure to ask how much the average heating bill is in the winter months.
  • Can it get noisy?
    • Many students rent apartments in the core areas (i.e. Windsor Street behind Head Hall) and this area can be very rowdy at night. Make sure to ask the landlord about noise in and around their property.
  • Cleanliness
    • Some landlords do not take care of their properties (e.g. rodent problems, poor insulation, mould/mildew, etc.), so check carefully before you sign a lease.
  • Be on, or close to the bus line  
    • For more information on the bus service routes, visit their website.
  • Does it have Laundry Facilities?
    • Having a laundry facility in your apartment is very convenient. Remember hauling laundry in the winter is not fun. No matter how close you are to the Laundromat.
  • Is parking included? 
    • If you have a car, it is best to find an apartment that includes parking. Please be aware that some apartments, especially those closer to campus, charge extra for parking.
  • Ask about specific rules
    • For example: cooking after 10:00 pm, visitors overnight, quiet hours, pets, etc.
  • Do not take the first apartment you see 
    • Check at least three different apartments before you sign a lease. Quality and price can be very different.