How to Get Health Care in Canada!

It is important to remember that health care in every country is different.  The quality of health care in Canada is excellent, however there can be long waits for appointments and tests.  Currently there is a shortage of medical practitioners in many parts of Canada (including Fredericton).  Many Canadians do not have their own family doctor and rely on the services of health clinics.  The following is a listing of the health care options available for you in Fredericton.  Please note:  Always take your health insurance card with you to any medical appointments.   You can pick up your health insurance card at Financial Services. 

UNB Student Health Center

The UNB Student Health Center is available to all full-time international students during regular office hours.  You must call or go into the clinic first thing in the morning in order to get an appointment for that day (or the next day.)  If you do not contact the clinic early, the appointments may be gone and you will have to try again the following day or go to one of the Walk-in Clinics or After Hours Clinics (listed below).

The UNB Student Health Center is located on the top floor of the CC Jones Student Services Center.

Community Health Clinic                       

The Community Health Clinic is a great option for international students' families who do not have access to the UNB Health Clinic.

Brookside Mall Walk-in Clinic

435 Brookside Drive
Monday-Friday 7:30am-1:30pm

*Arrive early and be prepared to wait

TeleCare - 811 

Sometimes it is difficult to know if you need to see a doctor, or if you have a cold/flu that will only get better with rest and time.  If you are not sure what to do, Telecare may be able to help with making the decision. A Registered Nurse will take your call and give you advice about your condition. This service is available 7-days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day. Tel: 811

After Hours Clinics

If you need to see a doctor and you cannot get an appointment at the Health Clinic, you can see a doctor at one of the After Hours Clinics.  The clinics run on a first come, first served basis so it is important to arrive early to get your name on the list.  Please Note:  These clinics are very busy, so bring a book or your laptop to keep busy while you wait. 

Regent Street Medical Centre
1015 Regent Street
Monday to Friday, sign-up sheet is put out at 3:30 pm; and registration begins at 5:30 pm.
Weekends, registration begins at 12:30 pm.
Holidays, Closed.
There is no phone number for this clinic.

Brookside Mall Medical Clinic
475 Brookside Drive  
Monday to Friday, 5pm to 9pm
Weekends & most Holidays: 1 pm to 5 pm

New Maryland After Hours Medical Clinic
636 New Maryland Highway
Monday to Friday, 5 pm to 9 pm

Emergency Room

If you have an urgent medical condition, go directly to the emergency room at the hospital.

Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital
700 Priestman Street
Tel. (506) 452-5400

The following symptoms indicate a need for immediate assessment either at a health clinic or in the emergency department:

  • You are having severe chest pain
  • You are having difficulty getting your breath
  • You have severe abdominal pain
  • You have an unexplained high fever, stiff neck or suddenly experience a severe and unusual headache

You should not be going to the emergency department with any of the following conditions:

  • A cold (runny nose, mild sore throat, cough with clear mucous, no fever). This lasts from seven to ten days with or without treatment. 
  • Ankle sprains with no or mild swelling where the patient can walk on it.
  • Chronic problems where the family physician knows about it.

Understanding your UNB Health Insurance Plans

Most Canadians have two different health insurance plans; Medicare (provided by the government to all Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents) which covers things like doctor’s visits, medical tests and hospitalizations. In addition to Medicare, many Canadians buy additional health insurance which covers prescription drugs, eye exams and dental work. Without insurance these things can be very costly in Canada!

Therefore, as an international student your student account is automatically charged for two health insurance plans.

  • The first plan is for both undergraduate and graduate students. This plan is administered through Financial Services and it is mandatory. For further information on the UNB International Student Health Insurance plan and claim forms, go to the following website: HERE
  • The second health care plan for undergraduate students is administered through the Student Union. This plan covers your eyes, dental and prescription drugs. You can opt out of this plan if you have coverage from your home country. For further information on the Undergraduate Student Health Insurance plan go to: HERE
    The second health care plan for graduate students is administered through the Graduate Student Association. This plan covers your eyes, dental and prescription drugs. You can opt out of this plan if you have coverage from your home country. For further information on the Graduate Student Health Insurance plan go to: HERE 

Family Health Insurance

PLEASE NOTE:  International Student Health insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions, and this includes pregnancy.  For example:  if you are a female student who is pregnant before you arrive OR if you have a wife who is accompanying you to UNB and she is pregnant before you arrive, THE PREGNANCY WILL NOT BE COVERED BY HEALTH INSURANCE.

This is VERY important information.  Health care without insurance is EXTREMELY expensive in Canada.  Costs for pregnancy care and birth will range from $5,000-$10,000+.  There are no emergency funds available to assist you with this cost.

Student Health 101

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