Family Health Care

UNB Health Insurance

PLEASE NOTE:  International Student Health insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions, and this includes pregnancy.  For example:  If you are a female student who is pregnant before you arrive.


If you have a wife who is accompanying you to UNB and she is pregnant before you arrive, THE PREGNANCY WILL NOT BE COVERED BY HEALTH INSURANCE

This is VERY important information.  Health care without insurance is EXTREMELY expensive in Canada.  Costs for pregnancy care and birth will range from $5,000-$10,000+  There are no emergency funds available to assist you with this cost.

New Brunswick Medicare 

If your spouse is with you in New Brunswick on a "work permit" than he/she may be able to apply for New Brunswick Medicare.  This is the provincial health insurance that is provided free to all New Brunswick permanent residents.

International Students are not eligible to apply for New Brunswick Medicare, however if a spouse (on a work permit) is granted Medicare, then the whole family will be covered - allowing you to opt out of the university international student health insurance.

To learn more about New Brunswick Medicare, check their website and to apply complete this application