Jack Gegenberg (Professor)

BA (Colorado), MSc (British Columbia), PhD (Simon Fraser)

Research interests

My research interest is primarily in the area of quantum gravity, specifically, various tractable models of quantum gravity. Such models are either low dimensional - that is with two or three spacetime dimensions - or topological - that is with most or all dynamical degrees of freedom frozen out because of the large symmetry group. These models, though not directly physically realistic, are amenable to quantum or semi-classical analysis, and are constructed so as to bring to the fore important concepts or issues which cannot otherwise be addressed because of the lack of a realistic and consistent quantum gravity theory. Foremost among the issues are questions concerning the microstructure and concommitant thermodynamics of black holes.

My current work involves four more or less distinct investigations:

  1. String inspired gravity in three dimensions, especially its implications for the Thurston geometrization conjecture;
  2. Polymer or Bohr quantization of low-dimensional gravity;
  3. The role of toroidal Lie algebras in membrane theories and in integrable models that generalize conformal field theories;
  4. Gravitational Landau models and non-commutative geometry.

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