What Services are Billable?

Facilities Management receives an annual university budget allocation to maintain and operate the buildings, grounds and infrastructure at the UNB Fredericton Campus.

Services Funded by the Facilities Management Operating Budget Include:

  • Utilities distribution and maintenance
  • Steam production - used for heating most buildings and cooling specific locations
  • Electricity - buildings and street lamps
  • Propane
  • Natural Gas
  • Water
  • Wastewater
  • Storm Drainage
  • Routine Building Maintenance
  • Campus Mail Delivery
  • Fire protection services - inspections and maintenance
  • Elevator inspection and maintenance
  • Custodial Services
  • Estimates and design work which are able to be completed by Facilities Management staff
  • Landscaping and grounds maintenance
  • Snow and ice removal

Note: The provision of utilities or services to units classified as Ancillary Services, such as Residences, the Aitken University Centre, College Hill Day Care and the Wu Conference Centre are not provided for in Facilities Management's budget allocation.  These Ancillary units will have all costs allocated to their respective operation.

Services Charged to Requesting Department

The following types of services are considered to be beyond the scope of the essential/routine services for which Facilities Management is funded:

  • Additions, renovations or alterations to buildings requested by building occupants
  • Painting and redecorating if for reasons other than maintenance
  • Inspection, repair or maintenance to specialized laboratory or department owned equipment
  • Moving of furniture or equipment
  • Removal and/or disposal of obsolete/surplus department items
  • Shredding services
  • Construction or repair of office furniture
  • Repair of vandalism when it can be identified to an individual
  • Special events requiring the services of Facilities Management staff and/or additional custodial services
  • Installation, removal, maintenance or repair to user owned air conditioners

NOTE: Purchase or replacement of air conditioners, regardless of ownership, requires the authorization of the Director of Facilities Management.  Please see Air Conditioning Policy.

For clarification of whether a service is billable to your department please contact the Work Control Centre.