Past Bits & Bites Events

Fall 2018 Schedule

1 October

CS Square Kick Off

Presented by: CS Square Team

Come out and see what we have planned for the upcoming semester!

8 October

No Bits & Bites (Thanksgiving)

15 October

What to Expect From a Career in Tech

Presented by: Brian Dunphy (Cvent)

22 October

What is Blockchain?

Presented by: Matthew Sampsom (TME)

29 October

Learn PSOA RuleML: Object-Relational Data and Rules Illustrated by Blockchains

Presented by: Harold Boley (professor & author)

5 November

No Bits & Bites (Reading Week)

12 November


Presented by: TBA

19 November


Presented by: TBA

26 November

A world without passwords

Presented by: Trevor Flynn (Bulletproof)

3 December


Presented by: TBA

Winter 2018 Schedule

9 April

Agile Software Development with Scrum

Presented by: Vardan Matevosyan

26 March

Analyzing Road Accidents with Big Spatial Data

Presented by: René Richard

19 March

Cloud Language Runtimes and Satisfaction of Service Level Objectives

Presented by: Panagiotis Patros

26 February

Web Development with React.js

Presented by: David Leger

12 February

3D Printing - From Bits to Plastic

Presented by: John Peterson

5 February

Unhealthy Security State of e-Health Systems

Presented by: Dr. Ratinder Kaur (CIC Sponsored)

15 January

Protecting Your Digital Identity and Assets

Presented by: Trevor Flynn (Bulletproof)

Fall 2017 Schedule

25 September

CS Square Kick Off

Presented by: CS Square Team

Come out and see what we have planned for the upcoming semester!

02 October

Current Cybersecurity Trends: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Presented by: Sandy Bird (IBM)

23 October

Energy Data Opportunities

Presented by: Sara Mudge (NB Power)

30 October


Presented by: TBA

06 November

How to Achieve Efficient Range Query over Encrypted Data in Cloud

Presented by: Dr. Rongxing Lu (UNB Professor)

13 November

Startup or Corporate? Choosing the Right Company to Work For

Presented by: Dr. Mostafa Karami

20 November

From agents to buses: building a research startup

Presented by: Dr. Luigi Benedicenti (UNB)

27 November


Presented by: TBA

04 December

Secure Approximation of Edit Distance on Genomic Data

Presented by: Dr. Dima Alhadidi

Winter 2017 Schedule

23 January

Fall Wrap Up and Winter Kick Off Information Session

Presented by: CS Square Team

Come out and see what we have planned for the upcomming semester!

30 January

An Introduction to OBD: Programming with your Car

Presented by: Sam Jesso (Autobit)

Sam is the founder of Autobit, a platform for collecting & analysing real-time vehicle diagnostic data for service centers, dealerships, or fleets. He is also a software engineering student here at UNB and a finalist in NBIF Breakthru Pitch Competition in 2015.

In this talk Sam shares his knowledge of programming as it relates to interfacing with your car's on-board diagnostics (OBD) computers.

Resources: An Introduction to OBD (Slides) | OBD Starter Kit (Code)

6 February

Free Productivity and Development Resources for Students

Presented by: Trevor Flynn (Bulletproof)

Slides: (PDF)

13 February

No Event

Cancelled due to weather.

20 February

Border Gateway Protocol Basics & Internet Peering

Presented by: Eric Morin (f6 networks)

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is a standardized exterior gateway protocol designed to exchange routing and reachability information among autonomous systems (AS) on the Internet.

27 February

Actor-oriented Programming of the JVM with Scala/Play/Akka

Presented by: Aaron Broad & Aditya Aggarwal (Siemens)

6 March

No Event (March Break)

13 March

No Event

20 March

Digital New Brunswick

Presented by: Gerry Fairweather (New Brunswick Government)

27 March


Presented by: Howard Powell & Karla Pooley (Blue Spurs)

Microservices is a specialisation of an implementation approach for service-oriented architectures (SOA) used to build flexible, independently deployable software systems.

3 April

Detecting Dark Web

Presented by: Arash Lashkari (Research Associate at the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity)

Dr. Arash Habibi Lashkari is research associate at the Faculty of Computer Science, University of New Brunswick. He has more than 21 years of academic and industry experience. Dr. Lashkari has been awarded 2 gold medals as well as 12 silver and bronze medals in international competitions around the world. In addition, he is the author of 9 books in English and Persian on topics including cryptography, network security, and mobile communication as well as over 70 journals and conference papers concerning various aspects of computer security. His current research focuses on cyber security, big security data analysis, Internet Traffic Analysis and the detection of malware and attacks. (

Fall 2016 Schedule

Global Vision Logo

26 September

Business Skills for CS Students

Presented by: Danny Orozco (SWE Student)

Learn how international business experience can give you a competitive edge in your career in the IT industry. Danny Orozco is a Software Engineering student at UNB and in this talk he will be discussing how his trade mission to China with Global Vision this summer has impacted his career prospects.

Git Logo

3 October

What is Git, and Why Should You Use it?

Presented by: David Leger (SWE Student)

Learn the basics of version control with command-line git, a valuable tool used throughout the tech industry for working on software project with a team.

10 October

Thanksgiving (No Event)

17 October

No Event

There is no CS Square event this week, but check out CS Seminar Series Schedule ("IT at UNB: A Success Story": Wednesday, Oct 19th 2:30 - GC127).

24 October

Web based mapping using OGC Standards for applications in Health and Energy.

Presented by: Eddie Oldfield (QUEST)

This presentation will focus on examples of health and energy mapping on the web, including past projects to implement OGC standards-based applications and web services (with support of UNB Computer Science students and Geomatics Engineering), and areas of future work.  I will share lessons learned from our experience to develop and implement OGC standard-based applications.

Eddie Oldfield is Principal Owner of Spatial Quest, in Fredericton, New Brunswick.  Mr. Oldfield is passionate about building healthier, more resilient, and smarter energy communities.  He currently serves as Co-Chair of the Open Geospatial Consortium’s (OGC) global Health Domain Working Group, and is a founding member of the Energy & Utilities Domain Working Group and Smart Cities Domain Working Group.  He is also a Member of the Resilient Communities Working Group under Canada’s National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction; and he is Chair for the QUEST New Brunswick Caucus (advancing Smart Energy Communities).  Previously, he worked as Director of the New Brunswick Climate Change Hub (12 years) an initiative funded by federal and provincial governments. During that time, he coordinated web-based mapping of environmental and health indicators for chronic respiratory illness programs, climate-health monitoring, and a cross-border pandemic influenza exercise, with funding from Canadian and US Governments. Nominated by Federation of Canadian Municipalities, he received a Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for his community-oriented efforts.    

31 October

Smart Grid Data Challenges

Presented by: David Beauvais (SG2B Electric)

No description.

7 November

ShareLaTeX: An Online LaTeX Editor

Presented by: Leah Bidlake (FCS Professor)

LaTeX is a document preparation system for high-quality typesetting. It is most often used for medium-to-large technical or scientific documents but it can be used for almost any form of publishing.

NOTE: It would be beneficial to bring a laptop to follow along with examples.

Presentation Slides (PDF)

Git Logo

14 November

Introduction to the Cloud with Amazon Web Services

Presented by: Karla Pooley & Eric Tucker (Blue Spurs)

No description.

21 November

No Event

We encourage students to attend this workshop: UNB IT Collaborative Tools Workshop (Wed, 23 November 2016 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM)

28 November

Cybersecurity: Challenges and Opportunities

Presented by: Ali Ghorbani (FCS Professor)

5 December

What I Wish I Knew When I Started My Career

Presented by: John Cotter (Cvent)

John is a senior front end web developer and team lead at Cvent's office in Fredericton. He has many years of experience in the tech industry and is constantly learning new skills and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies. In this talk John offers valuable advice, based on his experience and the current state of the industry, for students who are just starting their careers in tech.

Winter 2016 Schedule

Jekyll Logo

25 January

Building Static Websites with Jekyll

Presented by: David Leger

An introduction to Jekyll, a powerful command-line tool for building and easily maintaining static websites.

1 February

No Event

Ruby Logo

8 February

Testing Tools in Ruby: RSpec and Cucumber

Presented by: Aaron Tabor (FCS)

Jekyll Logo

15 February

Data Mining the Human Body

Presented by: Dawn MacIsaac (FCS)

Jekyll Logo

22 February

Want the Best Job in Security? Here is What You Need to Know.

Presented by: Elaheh Biglar Beigi (Raytheon)

29 February

IT challenges in NB health industry

Presented by: Ashley Hyslop (Accreon)

7 March

No Event (March Break)

Brent Macdonald

14 March - 19 March

East Coast Startup Week

17 March (Thursday), 12:30-1:30 PM (GC127): Brent Macdonald ( Co-founder & CEO of Xiplinx Technologies Ltd.)

Brent MacDonald is the Chief Executive Officer at Xiplinx Technologies Ltd, responsible for executing Xiplinx growth strategy, and for creating a customer focused organization responsible for delivery of quality, secure, and scalable products for the manufacturing sector. He is also responsible for the provision of a combination of business planning, project management, and technical consulting services to marquee Xiplinx clients.

More ECSW Events

VizWik Logo

21 March

VizWik: The Design of a Controlled Data Flow Programming Language

Presented by: Simon Gauvin (VizWik)

28 March

No Event (Easter)

Oculus Logo

4 April

Oculus Prime: Transforming Into Virtual Reality!

Presented by: Chris Hazzard (FCS)

Fall 2015 Schedule

Sept. 28
"Getting the most out of git"  Aaron Tabor (FCS MS student)       
Image result for github
Oct. 5                  
"Exploring data with EKL (Elasticsearch, kibana, logstach) stack: A quick tour from zero to analyze data in less than a hour" Hugo Gonzalez (FCS PhD student)
Image result for Elasticsearch

Oct. 12 


Oct. 19
"Building servers with Node.js" Scott Bateman (FCS Faculty)             
Image result for node js

Slides: Download PDF

Oct. 26
"Optimization - The Last Thing You Should Do" Joey Bernard (Acenet)           

Nov. 2
"Neat Photoshop tricks that you don't know" Rob  Blanchard (Production Asst/Photography, UNB)                
Image result for photoshop logo
Nov. 9
"Getting Started with Kaggle Data Mining Competitions" James Stewart (Raytheon)     
Image result for Kaggle
Nov. 16

12:30 - 1:30, H224 (Old Head Hall, 17 Dineen Dr.)
Campus Event hosted by TME:
"Starting a Business... How We Did It"
Phillip Curley, CEO of HotSpot Parking Inc., Kayley Reed, Co-Founder of Wear Your Label, & Josh Ogden, Co-Founder of Castaway

Nov. 17

12:00 - 1:00, Remsoft (77 Westmoreland St.)
Planet Hatch Co-ordinated Event, Register here:
"Remsoft - Insight for a Better Planet"
Lunch Tour

Nov. 18
12:30 - 1:30, H224 (Head Hall, 15 Dineen Dr.)
Campus Event hosted by CS Square:
"So, Does Your Great Tech Idea Have Business Potential?"
Yan Simard, CEO of Zaptap & serial entrepreneur

Nov. 18

1:00 - 4:00, Crowne Plaza (659 Queen St.)
FCNB Full Sail
Crowd Funding Equity

Nov. 18

4:30, Planet Hatch (Knowledge Park, 140, 50 Crowther Ln.)
Panel Talk
- Populus Global - Timbre Cases - Mycodev -

Nov. 19

12:00 - 1:00, Red Rover Brewery (888 Hanwell Rd.)
Planet Hatch Co-ordinated Event, Register here:
Red Rover Brewery Tour
$13, Please register on Eventbrite!

Nov. 19

7:00 - 9:00, Renaissance College (811 Charlotte St.)
GEW Fireside Chat hosted by Renaissance College
"Making Social Entrepreneurs - Is It Even Possible?"
Dr. Thomas Mengel & Sara Taaffe

Nov. 20

12:30 - 1:30, T304 (Tilley Hall, 9 MacAulay Ln.)
Campus Event hosted by IBEC
"The Real Story of Real Food Connections"
Levi Lawrence, President & Co-Owner of Real Food Connections

Nov. 20

7:00, Planet Hatch (Knowledge Park, 140, 50 Crowther Ln.)
Networking Event hosted by PDC
Come meet & mingle with other entrepreneurial minds!

Nov. 23

No Event

Nov. 30
"The Physical & Logical Make Up of the CS Network" - John Peterson

Winter 2015

19 January

When One Language Fails: Examples with RSS

Presented by: Ryan Wark

26 January

History of Cryptography

Presented by: Xandria Richman

2 February

Why Python?

Presented by: Richard Killam

9 February

Introduction to Regular Expressions

Presented by: Sean Seeley

2 February

Using Data Mining to Create Actionable Intelligence Towards Solving Customer Churn

Presented by: James Stewart

23 February

Encrypting You Communication

Presented by: Mohammed Mamun

16 March

Fundamentals of Computer Networking

Presented by: John Peterson

23 March

So you have your own idea/software... how do I protect it?

Presented by: Ken Kent

Fall 2014

22 September

Introduction to Latex

Presented by: Hazel Webb

29 September

Introduction to Android Programming

Presented by: Jesse English

29 September

Introduction to Latex

Presented by: Hazel Webb

6 October

Introduction to TCP/IP

Presented by: John Peterson

20 October

Creating Mobile Apps with Phonegap

Presented by: Randy Mills

27 October

Introduction to Python

Presented by: Hugo Gonzalez

3 November

Real-time access to tweets via the Twitter Streaming APIs in Python

Presented by: Paul Cook

24 November

Automated Testing with Selenium

Presented by: Randi Watson