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Student Investment Fund

Combine finance theory with hands-on investment experience through the Student Investment Fund (SIF). The SIF is located within our own TSX Group boardroom, fitted with five comprehensive Bloomberg Professional databases. This will provide you with professional, relevant experience within an academic setting.

Once you complete the program, worth six credit hours, you will also be ready to challenge the Level 1 exam for the Chartered Financial Analysist (CFA) designation.

Largest student investment fund in Canada

The SIF launched in 1998 with $1 million and has grown to $8 million. Students have oversight of the fund and make investment decisions based on their ongoing research and analysis of the markets. Our students were the first and only Canadian team to win first place in the CFA North American Research Challenge.


The SIF operates in close partnership with a number of industry experts and firms, most notably Vestcor Investment Management Corporation, who started the program off with a $1 million pension fund for the students to manage, and Seamark Asset Management Ltd., who manages UNB’s endowment fund. In 2011, the University granted the students oversight of a $2.5 million portion of its endowment funds. These partnerships enable students to meet investment experts throughout the year who share their knowledge and advice.

Entry requirements

Being accepted into the SIF program will ensure you get one of the best opportunities to enter the financial market. It will also be a demanding six-credit-hour course, requiring more work than a standard six credit hours.

Who can apply

  • Fourth year BBA Students
  • Second year MBA Students

Prerequisites for undergraduate students

  • Econ 1013/1023 (Micro/Macro Economics)
  • ADM 3415 Corporate Finance
  • ADM 1213/2223 Accounting
  • ADM 2623/2624 Business Stats/Mgmt Science
  • ADM 4425 Investments

Prerequisites for MBA students

  • MBA 6203 Accounting for Managers
  • MBA 6403 Financial Management
  • MBA 6603 Business Data Analysis
  • MBA 6425 Investments

SIF application process

Step 1: Application: Pick up an application form at the Centre for Financial Studies (Singer Hall Room 352). You’ll need your resume and transcripts, showing a minimum GPA of 3.4.

Step 2: Interview: If you are successful in step 1, you will be contacted for an interview.

Step 3: Exam: Based on CFA material, this exam is used for ranking purposes and to determine your readiness for the CFA Level 1 exam.

The application deadline is March 1. Late applications may be considered.