Dan Lawson Crouse

Epidemiologist at NB-IRDT and Research Associate in Sociology

  • BES (University of Waterloo)
  • MES (University of Waterloo)
  • PhD (McGill University)

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Dan’s research is at the intersection of health geography and environmental epidemiology; that is, how characteristics of places and where people live influence their possibilities for health and patterns of disease outcomes. His research bridges knowledge on environmental and social determinants of health.

A key component of his research program includes examining how different subgroups of the population (e.g., those of lower socioeconomic status, immigrants) experience differential levels of exposure to pollution, and how this leads to different patterns of mortality and disease incidence.  

Dan is involved in research projects that seek to describe and understand environmental risks to public health and disparities in health outcomes faced by local populations in New Brunswick, in the Maritimes broadly, and across Canada and the US.  He has expertise in spatial modelling of patterns of air pollution and in methods for studying associations between environmental exposures and adverse health outcomes.

Check out some of Dan's work that was featured in UNB's 2016 annual report.

Dan Crouse C.V.

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