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Choose your second-year courses

Online registration for second-year Faculty of Arts students

  1. Read through a description of the second-year diversity requirements.
  2. Choose the subjects and courses that are right for you and create a timetable.
  3. Email any questions to 
  4. Register for your selections through the online registration portal in your myUNB portal using the Student Planning and Registration system.

Second-year requirements by program

Bachelor of Arts - diversity requirements:

In the second year, you are no longer limited by the diversity categories. You will need to take courses in four different subjects. These can come from any of the diversity categories (humanities, social sciences, languages, and sciences).

  • 6 ch in three different subjects (18 ch / six courses)
  • 3 ch in a fourth subject (one course)
  • 9 ch of electives (three courses)

Note: You may take up to 12 ch (four courses) in the same subject. 

Bachelor of Applied Arts

** If you plan to spend your second year at NBCCD, please notify their registrar by March 31st. Email**
If you plan to continue at UNB for your second year, you will take 30 ch of your choosing. 24 ch (eight courses) must be completed at the upper level (3000 and 4000 level). Please consult on your choices.

Bachelor of Arts and Science (BAS) and Concurrent Degrees (BABSc and BABCS)

In the second year, you will take 12 ch of Arts courses as follows:

  • Take 6 ch in one subject from a diversity category different from your choice in first year (Languages, Humanities, Social Sciences)
    For example, if you took Psychology as your Social Science Arts course in the first year, choose 6 ch in a subject from Languages or Humanities in your second year. This will complete your year one diversity requirements by ensuring you have taken courses in three of four diversity categories.
  • Take 6 ch in the Arts subject you plan to major in.