Online or Telephone Banking

Online payments are not instant! 

Payments made with online/telephone banking can take 3 - 5 business days to be posted to your UNB Student account, so be sure to make your payment prior to the fee deadline date to avoid being charged the late payment fee

Online payments made on the fee deadline date are considered late, and will be charged the late payment fee

To pay with online banking, use the "Bill Payment" section as UNB is not able to accept E-mail Money Transfers (EMT), and if an EMT payment is sent, it will be rejected.  

How to Pay:

  • Log into your own online banking
  • Go to the "Bill Payment" section of your banking
  • Add University of New Brunswick as a payee to your payment profile.   (Be creative in your search, as we are listed differently with banks.  Try "University of New Brunswick", "UNB", or "The Univ of New Brunswick")
  • Use your UNB Student ID # as the account number