International Emergency Health Insurance

Who Needs It? 

UNB policy states that all international students who have student or applicable visas must purchase international health insurance.  Although most full-time International students are eligible to apply for Medicare, not all students are eligible (i.e. part-time, exchange) and the University must ensure that all students have appropriate health coverage during the application phase.

In order to access Medicare benefits, students must apply with the Province of New Brunswick immediately upon arrival. After applying, there is a 3 month residency requirement, however the student could receive their Medicare card prior to the end of the residency period. Students are responsible for all medical costs until they receive a Medicare card, so students must purchase emergency health insurance through UNB during this waiting period. 

Is the University International Emergency Health Insurance Mandatory? 

Yes.  It is mandatory for International students to participate in the UNB offered International Student Emergency Health Insurance plan if they do not have a Medicare card.  Students who are in possession of a Medicare card or students who are in a mandatory Sponsored Program insurance plan, can ask for an exemption.

To ask for an exemption, an Opt-Out must be completed at Financial Services, 8 Bailey Drive, for UNB Fredericton students or at the service counter; Oland Hall, Main Floor, for UNB Saint John students by September 21, 2018.  New students beginning in January 2019 must opt out by January 25, 2019.  New students beginning in May 2019 must opt out by May 17, 2019.

How Much Does it Cost?

There are two components to UNB’s International Emergency Health Insurance.

Coverage while in New Brunswick:

This emergency health insurance plan offers single or family coverage for health benefits while in New Brunswick. If a student's family is accompanying the student to Canada, there is an additional charge for each family member.  The cost for this component of the health plan is $200 per person for a four month term.  Each additional family member will also need to pay $200 per four month term.  

Once a student has their Medicare card, they would no longer be required to participate in this plan, however, proof of the valid Medicare card must be provided prior to the opt-out date each academic year.

Coverage outside New Brunswick:

The other mandatory portion of the emergency health insurance coverage for international students is for travelling outside of New Brunswick and Canada. Travel outside of Canada is limited to 30 days or less except for USA which is limited to 15 days or less. The student’s home country is excluded. The cost is $64.50 for an entire year of coverage per person.

How Do I Get It?

Emergency Health Insurance coverage for international students is provided through an insurance plan administered by the university. All full-time and part-time international students in credit courses-- including students enrolled in one or more credit courses through the College of Extended Learning's Open Access Learning Program -- will be automatically billed for international health insurance, unless the student opts-out of the program by showing a valid Medicare Card.  Students are expected to complete an application form to begin the process of providing the insurance company their information.  Once the application form has been completed, please print and submit the form to UNB Financial Services.

Non-credit students are not automatically billed.  International students in non-credit programs must complete and submit an application form for the insurance and the charge for the insurance will be added to their UNB Student account.  Once the application form has been completed, please print and submit the form to UNB Financial Services

The Insurer

UNB has entered into an agreement with  Please see the website for details.