Personal Reimbursement

Employees required to pay for a work-related expense using a personal cheque, cash or credit card may be eligible for personal reimbursement. UNB's Personal Reimbursement Policy covers the following items:

  • the cost of university-related memberships
  • books, magazine subscriptions and subscription renewals related to university business
  • research participant fees paid to non-employees (up to $200 per person)
  • entertainment/hosting expenses related to the mission of the university

Under special circumstances, essential supplies and miscellaneous items normally acquired through the university purchase order system may be processed through personal reimbursement. Payment for approved overtime hours must be processed through Human Resources and Organizational Development.

To apply for personal reimbursement, employees must submit a completed Personal Reimbursement Form, attaching all original receipts or invoices. Please note that photocopies of receipts are not sufficient supporting documentation. The employee must also provide the 16-digit code for the general ledger account to which these expenses will be charged. If applicable, a PEA form should also be included.

The form and all supporting documentation must be submitted to Financial Services (UNB Fredericton) or to Financial and Administrative Services (UNB Saint John) within 20 business days from the day of purchase. Once the claim has been submitted, please allow 20 business days for processing. Employees will be reimbursed in Canadian dollars by direct deposit into the employee bank account used by Payroll, unless otherwise requested.

Requests for reimbursement that do not follow the 20 business day submission time frame are no longer subject to the processing standard of less than 20 business days, because claims that follow the policy will always be processed first.

Please see the Personal Reimbursement Policy for full details. Note that personal reimbursements from external grants, such as NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR grants, may have other restrictions.

For questions about personal reimbursement claims, please contact Accounts Payable and Disbursement.