University Comptroller

Roles and Responsibilities

The Comptroller reports to the Vice-President (Administration and Finance) and assists the Vice-President in providing support to the Finance & Properties and Audit Committees of the Board of Governors.

The Comptroller serves as chief financial accounting and control officer for the University.  Staff in Financial Services are responsible for processing all financial transactions including payroll, accounts payable and student accounts, as well as procurement services. This also includes monitoring and ensuring compliance with University policies and external regulations as well as ensuring that an adequate system of internal control exists and remains effective in safeguarding the University’s assets.

Through the Financial Accounting & Reporting Team, the Office prepares annual and interim financial reports including the annual audited financial statements, quarterly reports to the Finance & Properties Committee and Board of Governors, as well as several other regulatory filings.

In addition, the Office is responsible for the Risk Management activities of the University, including insurance coverage, health and safety, coordinating and supporting the University Risk Management Committees and Risk Reporting to the Audit Committee and the Board of Governors.