Appointment - Professors Emeriti

This honorary rank is awarded, upon or after retirement from active academic duties, to such professors as have served the university with great distinction.

Distinguished service shall consist of teaching performance recognized by colleagues and students to be of exceptional merit, extensive research and publication of unusually high quality, contribution to the administration and development of the university of a creative kind, or a combination of some or all of these, and a record of professional conduct that indicates fair and ethical treatment of students and other members of the academic community. The rank shall carry no duties or obligations, but its holder may be called upon for advice or counsel.

Appointments to the honorary rank of professor emeritus shall be made by the Board of Governors on the recommendation of the President. The University Senate may make recommendations for appointment to this rank; such recommendations shall be made to the President for transmission to the Board.

Initial recommendations for appointments to this rank may be made by any member of the University to the Professor Emeritus Committee [the President, Vice-President (Academic), Vice-President (Saint John), and faculty members on the University Honorary Degrees Committee].

This Committee, if it accepts a recommendation so made to it, shall transmit the recommendation to the appropriate Senate; the Secretary of that Senate, if it approves the recommendation, shall transmit the recommendation to the President.

The honorary rank of Professor Emeritus shall be formally conferred at a convocation of the university.

(Board, 16 July 1970, p. 576; updated August 1993; updated May 1999).