John (Jack) Terhune

Professor Emeritus of Biology at UNB

October 19, 2012

Dr. Jack Terhune has been an active and valuable member of the UNB Saint John faculty since 1975.  Although he spent most of his career on the Saint John campus, his contributions to the University of New Brunswick as a whole exemplify the spirit of his being awarded a Professor Emeritus ranking.

Dr. Terhune has never shielded away from participating in the work of the university. Most recently, he served as co-chair for President Campbell’s Strategic Planning Initiative. His expertise in graduate studies and his wealth of institutional knowledge made him a perfect choice for this role.

Dr. Terhune has also served in numerous administrative capacities and, in all cases, exhibited a steadfast and effective leadership. Some of his more notable roles were as Chair of the Biology department from 1992-1997, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies for five years, and Acting Dean of the Faculty of Science, Applied Science & Engineering in 2007-08.   Throughout this time, he was widely recognized as accessible, fair, knowledgeable, wise and innovative.

Some of the lesser known, but no less important, contributions Dr. Terhune has made to our community involve his outreach activities. He has always been involved with our Science Open Houses, Science Summer Camps and Fundy Science Fairs.  He is passionate not only for his research, but also for sharing his research with students.  Many times over the past 30 plus years he has been in the newspaper, on radio and television shows such as CBC Radio’s Quirks and Quarks, and National Geographic for Kids.

Dr. Terhune is a well-respected and loved professor who has taught a variety of biology courses from first to fourth level. He has actively participated in graduate teaching and supervision for close to 20 years.

At a time when NSERC funding has become more competitive, Dr. Terhune succeeded in maintaining continuous NSERC support since 1997. His publication record includes over 80-refereed papers and 16 additional publications. He has presented his work at numerous conferences over the years and has been an invited speaker at several. He has given seminars at universities around the world and is a member of numerous journal and research boards.

Dr. Jack Terhune’s years of service, teaching and research have left an impact on, not just his colleagues, but also the many undergraduate and graduate students he has taught and supervised. In 2010, he received a President’s Medal for his outstanding service to the university.

Jack Terhune is a pillar of our University and community and has the respect of everyone who knows him.  He has served the university with distinction and is bestowed the honorary ranking of Professor Emeritus of Biology at the University of New Brunswick.