Bruce MacDonald

Professor Emeritus in Biological Sciences

Convocation Ceremony: November 7, 2020

Dr. Bruce MacDonald has been a valuable member of the University of New Brunswick Saint John faculty since 1992. He has been an exemplary faculty member who has contributed considerably and selflessly to the betterment of the University.

Dr. MacDonald is a well-respected and appreciated teacher who has had a significant impact on UNB’s undergraduate students and programs. He has taught more than ten different courses at introductory and advanced levels, was recipient of the UNB Departmental Award for Teaching Excellence and was one of the principal architects of UNB Saint John’s Marine Biology program, including its experiential-based Marine Semester.

Dr. MacDonald has had a prolific research career and is recognized as an authority in his field. He started at UNB as a University Research Fellow, supported by a highly competitive Senior NSERC Research Fellowship. He maintained a strong externally funded research program throughout his career, including leading major components of two multi-million NSERC-funded research programs. He trained several postdoctoral fellows, and well over 20 graduate and 30 undergraduate students. With his trainees, Dr. MacDonald published over 75 peer-reviewed articles and six book chapters, and he delivered well over 150 conference presentations.

Recognized as a leader in his field, Dr. MacDonald was frequently invited to contribute to international workshops, and he organized and chaired many sessions at international conferences. He was member, for over 20 years, of the editorial board of one of the leading journals in his field, and he dedicated a large amount of his time and expertise to the review of scientific articles. At UNB he served on an ad-hoc Research Advisory Committee for several years.

Despite his numerous teaching and research accomplishments, Dr. MacDonald’s most important contributions to UNB may have been through his role in several leadership positions, where he excelled due to his intelligence, kindness and fair handedness. As Department Chair (six years), he played a major role in the development of a strong department that values and supports teaching and research equally, and his foresight and vision continue to be felt to this day. He demonstrated the same leadership as Associate Dean and Acting Dean of Graduate Studies (five years), where he made effective use of resources and was an unrelenting and effective champion for graduate students and research at UNB. Dr. MacDonald also served as Acting Dean of SASE (1+ year) with the same even-handed and fair-minded aplomb. In all these roles, Dr. MacDonald was widely recognized as accessible, fair, knowledgeable, wise and innovative.

Dr. MacDonald has had a truly distinguished career at the University of New Brunswick. His teaching, research and administrative accomplishments are both broad and deep. He is a pillar of our University and has the respect of everyone who knows him. He has served the university with distinction and today we bestow on him the honorary rank of Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences at the University of New Brunswick.

Dr. Bruce MacDonald is most deserving of the honour of professor emeritus at the University of New Brunswick.