Rameshwar Gupta

Professor Emeritus in Statistics

Convocation ceremony:  May 21, 2010

Dr. Rameshwar Gupta has been a valuable and active member of the University of New Brunswick Saint John faculty since 1980.

Serving as a member of numerous departmental committees, he has represented his department on many different levels. One of his most notable contributions was to initiate and maintain a seminar series to showcase the research of faculty and students to the wider university community. He strongly encouraged his colleagues to maintain an ongoing research profile.

Dr. Gupta’s tireless efforts to strengthen the statistics discipline on the Saint John campus continued until his retirement in 2009. Prior to leaving, he worked to develop a new focus at UNB Saint John in biostatistics to support the potential growth in programs such as health and environmental science.

Dr. Gupta has made a significant contribution in the area of graduate studies and, in addition to serving on four Graduate Academic Units, served for several years on the Graduate School Committee. He also took on a one-year position as Acting Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at UNB Saint John, and was a member of the committee that established the research ranking recognition program at UNB.

Dr. Gupta’s research program is not only impressive, but also extensive. He held continuous NSERC support since his arrival at UNB and has published over 84 refereed journal papers. He has reviewed research papers and grant applications and has done editing work for journals and conference proceedings. He served on the NSERC Grant Selection Committee for Statistical Sciences from 1994 -97 and was Chair for 1996-97. To date, he has presented 48 invited lectures worldwide and his publications are regularly cited, a measure of the impact his research has in his area of expertise.

Dr. Gupta is a dedicated teacher who has taught a wide range of courses over his career and supervised or co-supervised 24 fourth-year projects. His work supervising NSERC USRAs in the summer has influenced several students to pursue graduate studies. He has supervised nine graduate students and served on numerous thesis examining committees in a wide range of disciplines. His students speak highly of his expertise and his desire to see them do their best.

Dr. Gupta’s extensive research record, his commitment to students and his years of service to UNB are to be commended. His contributions in all areas have been recognized with four merit awards. And this afternoon we will bestow the honorary ranking of Professor Emeritus in Statistics.