Lawrence E. Garey

Professor Emeritus in Computer Science

Convocation Ceremony: May 18, 2007

Lawrence E. Garey joined the University of New Brunswick Saint John in 1971 as a lecturer, became a full professor in 1982, and dedicated 35 years to UNB Saint John and its students.

He was instrumental in building the Saint John campus and maintained an exemplary research career, holding a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Discovery research grant continuously throughout his years at UNB Saint John. He supervised numerous graduate students and published more than 100 papers.

Dr. Garey taught almost every Computer Science course offered at UNB Saint John, and helped revamp the Computer Science course offerings to be more applied, and therefore more appealing to a wider audience. He single-handedly developed the interdisciplinary Data Analysis Degree program in 1978.

Larry Garey was involved in a variety of faculty and campus committees at all levels of university governance, and has been an active member of the UNB Saint John Senate since 1988.

As a teacher, Dr. Garey had an extensive record of course evaluations that reflected the respect and admiration his students felt for him. He was one of the first recipients of the Allan P. Stewart Memorial Award, which recognized exemplary teaching. His door was always open to students seeking extra advising or some sage advice.

Graduate work is an integral part of a professor’s research. Dr. Garey incorporated his research results into many of the senior level courses and graduate courses he taught for over 20 years, along with his regular course load. His effort to incorporate his research area with recent topics also resulted in his serving on graduate committees from mathematics, statistics, computer science, science and engineering.

He received a number of academic awards, and in 2005 he received the UNB President’s Medal for service, teaching and research.