A. Jeyaratnam Wilson

Professor Emeritus in Political Science (deceased)

Convocation: October 16, 1994

A. Jeyaratnam Wilson taught political science on the Fredericton campus for 24 years from 1970 to 1994.

Four times chairperson of his department, Dr. Wilson was a pioneering member of the Third World Studies Program at the University of New Brunswick.

His impressive publication record included eight books and over 100 articles, most in refereed journals. He served as a consultant on South Asian problems to the State Department and immigration tribunals in the United States, and to the Canadian Refugees Advisory Board, the Ministry of Multiculturalism and the Canadian International Development Authority.

Credited with piloting the department of political science through its formative phase, Dr. Wilson was known for his skills as a negotiator on campus and abroad. He died May 31, 2000.