Mary Lou Stirling

Professor Emerita in Education

Encaenia Ceremony A: May 16, 2001

Mary Lou Stirling has been an exemplary teacher of teachers. During her 27 years in the faculty of education at the University of New Brunswick and before her retirement in 1999, she was a role model for generations of New Brunswick language arts teachers.

A former elementary school teacher herself, Dr. Stirling steadfastly refused to teach language arts methods in a doctrinaire fashion. Instead, she encouraged her students to find methods of instruction that worked for them in dealing with their own students. In the area of research and publication, Dr. Stirling made valuable contributions in the form of curriculum documents and textbook materials. She continues to work with publishers in the development and implementation of textbook series and literacy programs.

In addition to serving as a professor, Dr. Stirling became Dean of Residences in 1989. She was proactive in the creation of a holistic residence community with strong links between the students in residence and the greater academic community. Having been instrumental in developing several programs which improved the quality of student life at UNB, Dr. Stirling's colleagues credit her for establishing a safe, healthy, supportive and academic environment for students in residence.

Upon her retirement from UNB, Dr. Stirling was invited to serve as acting director of the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre for Family Violence Research. In this position, she is enhancing the profile of the Centre and serving the community, as always, with grace, integrity and dedication.