Alan Sears

Professor Emeritus in Education

Convocation Ceremony: November 7, 2020

Dr. Alan Sears holds a Bachelor of Education in History and English (1977) and a Master of Education in Social Studies Curriculum (1985) from the University of New Brunswick. He earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies from the University of British Columbia (1996).

He joined UNB’s Faculty of Education as Assistant Professor in 1988, was granted tenure in 1996, and promoted to Professor in 1997. He served as Acting Dean of the Faculty of Education for a brief period in 2002, and as Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, Research and International Development within the Faculty of Education from 1999 to 2002.

Dr. Sears’s most significant area of impact and contribution is in curriculum, policy, and practice in Citizenship Education and History Education. He has an outstanding record of national research grants, is widely published, and his work is regularly cited.

Throughout his highly successful career, Dr. Sears has been the recipient of numerous awards, including UNB’s President’s Medal in 2019. He has lectured and served as keynote speaker at various lectures around the world, including the Eaton Lecture in Toronto (2017), the Children’s Identity and Citizenship European Association Jean Monnet CICE Network Conference in Corinth, Greece (2017), and the annual conference of The National Council for the Social Studies in Seattle, Washington (2012).

Dr. Sears continues to explore the connections between citizenship education and history education, which is particularly evident in his most recently published book, The Arts and the Teaching of History: Historical F(r)ictions, co-authored with UBC’s Penney Clark.

Dr. Alan Sears is most deserving of the honour of professor emeritus at the University of New Brunswick.