Christoph Lorey

Professor Emeritus in Culture and Language Studies

Encaenia Ceremony C: May 16, 2012

Dr. Lorey joined UNB’s Department of Culture and Language Studies in 1994, and remained an active and dedicated member of the department until his retirement in 2010.

He was a respected teacher of German language, literature and culture at UNB and was an important contributor to the study of the literary and cultural intricacies of postwar Germany. Dr. Lorey devoted much energy to the direction of the German and German Studies programs, to the development of the program in World Literature and Culture Studies, and to the advising of undergraduate and graduate students in his department and faculty. In 2001, he received the Faulty of Arts Teaching Award, for which was nominated several times.

Dr. Lorey is recognized internationally as a scholar in German studies, second language acquisition, linguistics, and world literature, and for his expertise in gender studies and Queer Theory. He is recognized as an outstanding editor of The International Fiction Review, a journal with a world-wide circulation.

Dr. Lorey contributed significantly to the administration of the university. He was director of Graduate Studies in German and served as acting chair of the Department of Culture and Language Studies. He served regularly on many other university committees, and was a member of the university Senate.

During his time at UNB, Dr. Lorey was dedicated to raising awareness among the wider university community concerning the struggles of persons with disabilities. He was instrumental in bringing about positive changes that would lead towards increases of accessibility of buildings and services at UNB.

Dr. Lorey continues to participate in academic life. He offers guest lectures in the department of Culture and Language Studies; he translates and certifies official documents for students and colleagues, and he serves as external reviewer of language programs at other Canadian universities.