Fredericton's Emeritus Honorees

Chronological list by year and ceremony
Unless otherwise noted, the individuals listed received the professor emeritus/a designation.

d = deceased    

* = did not attend ceremony

Year Ceremony Name Faculty/Department/Office
2002 Convocation Huw Davies Mechanical Engineering
2003 Encaenia (C) Frank Steward Chemical Engineering & Centre for Nuclear Energy Research
Posthumous Presentation Harutune H. Mikaelian (d) Psychology
Convocation Peter G. Kepros Psychology, Dean Emeritus
Richard M. Nicki    Psychology
Paul F. Williams Geology
2004 Encaenia (A) Fransisco J. Arcelus Administration
Viviane M. Edwards Education
Encaenia (B) Robert H. Cockburn English
Stephen E. Patterson History
Encaenia (C) Dale I. Bray Civil Engineering
Theodore W. Bremner Civil Engineering
Kersi S. Davar Civil Engineering
Convocation John Christian Civil Engineering
2005 Encaenia (A) James Croll Education
Encaenia (C) Gordon R. Mason Mathematics & Statistics
Douglas M. Ruthven Chemical Engineering
Convocation Peter C. Kent History
Norman Whitney Biology, Forestry &
Environmental Management
2006 Convocation William Seabrook Biology
Gillian Thompson History
2007 Encaenia (A) Marian Small Education
Encaenia (C) David Bonham Mechanical Engineering
Bernd Kurz Computer Science
Derek Lister Chemical Engineering
Philip Parker Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jack Passmore Chemistry
Convocation C. Anne Crocker Librarian Emerita
Robert Levitt Education
Colan Linton Physics
2008 Encaenia (A) Wiktor Askansas Business Administration
Christopher Stevenson Kinesiology, Dean Emeritus
Encaenia (B) David Rehorick Sociology
Will van den Hoonaard Sociology
Encaenia (C) Rajamani Doraiswami Electrical and Computer Engineering
James H. Taylor Electrical and Computer Engineering
  Convocation Gwendolyn Davies English, Dean Emerita of Graduate Studies
2009 Encaenia (A) Barbara Trenholm Business Administration
Encaenia (C) Jon Thompson Mathematics and Statistics
Jacob (Jack) Vanderlinde Physics
2010 Encaenia (A) Andrew S. Hughes Education, Dean Emeritus
Sally Rehorick Education
Encaenia (B) Anne Klinck English
Encaenia (C) John DeDourek Computer Science
Michael C. Ircha Civil Engineering, Associate Vice-President Emeritus
Arun Valsangkar Civil Engineering
Convocation Margaret Conrad History
Roger Ploude English