Josée Le Bouthillier

Research Associate

BA, BEd, MEd, PhD

Second Language Research Institute of Canada

Marshall d'Avray Hall, 346

1 506 453 5136

Dr. Josée Le Bouthillier is a research associate in the Faculty of Education and a member of the Second Language Research Institute of Canada (L2RIC) team. She teaches courses related to second and additional language pedagogy as well as literacy instruction in bilingual and plurilingual contexts. Her academic interests focus on a variety of qualitative and classroom-based research in French second language contexts as well as teacher education. Dr. Le Bouthillier is the French editor for the Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistic and the former co-editor of the Journal de l'immersion.

Prof. Josée Le Bouthillier est associée de recherche à la Faculté d'éducation et membre de l'équipe de l'Institut de recherche en langues secondes du Canada (IRL2C). Elle enseigne des cours liés à la pédagogie des langues secondes et additionnelles ainsi qu'à l'enseignement de la littératie dans des contextes bilingues et plurilingues. Ses intérêts académiques portent sur une variété de recherches qualitatives et en classe dans des contextes de français langue seconde ainsi que sur la formation des enseignants. Prof. Le Bouthillier est la rédactrice française de la Revue canadienne de linguistique appliquée ainsi que l’ancienne co-rédactrice du Journal de l’immersion.


  • Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) University of New Brunswick (2016)
  • M.Ed. (Master of Education) University of New Brunswick (2005)
  • B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education) University of New Brunswick (2000)
  • BA (Bachelor of Arts) University of Ottawa (1992)

Key areas of interest

  • French immersion education
  • Teacher education
  • Young beginning learners second language acquisition
  • Task-based language learning and teaching
  • Teacher candidates’ identity and second language proficiency
  • French immersion teachers and learners’ identity
  • Symbolic play in French immersion contexts


  • ED 6106 Literacy Instruction for second and additional language context
  • ED 5569 Enseignement du FSL 2 – Secondaire
  • ED 5568 Enseignement du FSL 1 – Secondaire
  • ED 5050 B.Ed. Practicum

Supervisor and Committee member for MEd and PhD theses in diverse areas related to language teaching and learning.


As a researcher at the Second Language Research Institute of Canada (L2RIC), I am a member of a research team that includes faculty members, graduate students and faculty associates. Our projects are local and national in scope and involve a wide range of topics related to second language learning and teaching. We are involved in several academic and pedagogical projects dealing with literacy, assessment, and content and language teaching in French second language and English second language contexts. The mission of our Institute is "to play a pivotal role in second language education in Canada and abroad including teacher preparation, research, bilingual program evaluation, and policy development" and to support both scholars and educators working in the field of second language in our province and country. L2RIC is a nationally recognized and funded institute, through an Official Languages in Education Program Grant from the Department of Canadian Heritage.

I am also a member of the Teacher Education Research Consortium, a national team of researchers from UNB, the University of Ottawa, and the University of British Columbia undertaking work on a project entitled, “Identifying requirements and gaps in French as a second language (FSL) teacher education: Recommendations and guidelines” and funded by a Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers (CASLT) Research Grant (2020-2022) as well as a member of a research team with researchers from UNB and from St. Thomas University.


I am involved in curriculum development for immersion programs as well as the provision of support materials for immersion teachers in New Brunswick. I serve as a consultant for the Department of Education and Early Childhood of New Brunswick for French as a second language programming as well as on the Ministerial Advisory Committee on French Second Language, Education and Early Childhood. I’m also involved in interfaculty collaboration for French in a minority and French as second language contexts as well as a member of numerous professional and academic organizations relating to language teaching and learning.


  • Alternate for the UNB Admission Committee
  • Member of the Undergraduate Programs Committee of the UNB Faculty of Education
  • Member of the Admission Committee of the UNB Faculty of Education
  • Member of the Field Services Committee of the UNB Faculty of Education

Selected recent publications and presentations

Le Bouthillier, J. et Bourgoin, R. (forthcoming). Communication orale et évaluation formative pour l’apprentissage dans les centres de littératie en immersion française. Cahiers de l’OLBI.

Le Bouthillier, J. et Bourgoin, R. (forthcoming). Le rôle du jeu symbolique dans la motivation intrinsèque à s’exprimer à l’oral dans une langue seconde au primaire. Revue de l’AQEFLS.

Le Bouthillier, J., Bourgoin, R. et Dicks, J. (2022). L’acquisition de la langue orale par l’entremise de tâches de centres d’apprentissage de littératie dans des classes d’immersion française. Revue canadienne des langues vivantes, 78(2), 91-105.

Bourgoin, R. et Le Bouthillier, J. (2021). Task-Based Language Learning and Beginning Language Learners Examining Classroom-Based Small Group Learning in Grade 1 French. Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics, Special Issue, 24(2), 70-98.

Le Bouthillier, J. et Bourgoin, R. (Hiver 2022). Aider les auteurs des programmes d’immersion française à améliorer leurs textes. Journal de l’immersion, 44(1), 49-52.

Le Bouthillier, J. and Bourgoin, R. (July 7, 2022). Supporting oral language production through small group instruction in Grade 1 French immersion. World CLIL Conference 2022. The Hague, Netherlands. Virtual.

Bourgoin, R. and Le Bouthillier, J. (June 24, 2022). Professional identities of French immersion teachers and their beliefs regarding oral language acquisition. International psychology of Language Learning Conference, Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Le Bouthillier, J., Culligan, K., and Kristmanson, P. (2022, April 24). Pre-service teachers of French as a second language and the construction of a professional identity (paper presentation). AERA, San Diego, California and Virtual.