Michelle Kwok

Assistant Teaching Professor


Department of Engineering

Irving Hall 220

Saint John

1 506 638 2449


MSc (2015), MSc (2014), BASc (2012)

Research interests

  • Lower limb prostheses
  • Medical devices
  • Low cost design and manufacturing for the developing world
  • Biomechanics

Teaching interests

  • Kinematics and dynamics
  • Biomechanics

Selected publications

(Non-Refereed) M. Kwok, H. Nolan, C. W. Fan, C. O’Dwyer, R. A. Kenny, and C. Finucane, “Machine learning for analysis of active stand responses in older adults with vasovagal syncope.” medRxiv, p. 2020.12.07.20241109, Dec. 08, 2020.

(Non-Refereed) M. Carmody et al., “A Machine Learning Framework to Detect Syncope using the Active Stand.” medRxiv, p. 2020.12.07.20245159, Dec. 08, 2020.

Book Chapter J. Sensinger, W. Hill, and M. Sybring, “Prostheses - Assistive Technology - Upper,” 2017. (Published under maiden name ”Sybring.”)

(Poster) M. Sybring, H. Nolan, C. W. Fan, C. O’Dwyer, R. Kenny, and C. Finucane, “180 Innovating a Novel Test for Vasovagal Syncope in Older Adults using the Active Stand,” Age Ageing, vol. 45, p. ii13.69-ii56, Sep. 2016. (Published under maiden name ”Sybring.”)