Zunaira Asif

Assistant Professor


Department of Engineering

Irving Hall 212

Saint John

1 506 464 3301


Ph.D. (2018), M.Sc. (2012), B.Sc. (2009)

Research interests

  • Air quality and air dispersion studies
  • Multimedia modeling and climate change
  • Life cycle analysis and inventory development
  • Risk assessment and decision support system
  • Aquatic pollution

Teaching interests

  • Air pollution and emission control
  • Intro. to environmental engineering
  • Contaminants and pollutants transport in the environment

Selected publications

Asif, Z; Chen, Z; Haghighat, F; Nasiri, F; Dong, J. (2023). Estimation of Anthropogenic VOCs Emission Based on Volatile Chemical Products: A Canadian Perspective. Environmental Management. 71(4): 685-703.

Asif, Z; Chen, Z; Sadiq, R; Zhu, Y. (2023). Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources and Sustainable Water Management Strategies in North America. Water Resources Management. 37: 2771–2786.

Asif, Z; Chen, Z; An, C; Dong, J. (2022). Environmental impacts and challenges associated with oil spills on shorelines. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering. 10(6): 762.

Asif, Z; Chen, Z; Stranges, S; Zhao, X; Rehan, S; Olea-Popelka, F; Peng, C; Haghighat, F; Yu, T. (2022). Dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 Spreading under the Influence of Environmental Factors and Strategies to Tackle the Pandemic: A Systematic Review. Sustainable cities and Society. 81

Dong, J; Asif, Z; Shi, Y; Zhu, Y; Chen, Z. (2022). Climate change impacts on coastal and offshore petroleum infrastructure and the associated oil spill risk: a review. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering. 10(7): 849.

Asif, Z; Chen, Z; Wang, H; Zhu, W. (2022). Update on air pollution control strategies for coal-fired power plants. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy. 24(8): 2329-2347.

Chughtai, R; Asif, Z. (2021). Study fate of pollutants due to oil spill in sea water through multimedia environmental modeling. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology. 18: 761-770.

Zhu, Y; Chen, Z; Asif, Z. (2021). Identification of point source emission in river pollution incidents based on Bayesian inference and genetic algorithm: Inverse modeling, sensitivity, and uncertainty analysis. Environmental Pollution. 285: 117497

Asif, Z; Chen, Z. (2020). A Life Cycle Based Air Quality Modeling and Decision Support System (LCAQMS) for Sustainable Mining Management. Journal of Environmental Informatics. 35(2): 103-117.