NB Institute for Research, Data and Training | UNB
Tausif Ahmed Systems Administrator Keirstead Hall 317
Andy Balzer Data Management Analyst Keirstead Hall 317
Eton Boco Data Analyst Keirstead Hall 304
Jessica Bouchard Program Evaluator
Andrea Bowes Program Evaluation Manager Keirstead Hall 300
Jane Breckenridge Deputy Director, MEKTU Keirstead Hall 304G
Kirsten Brown Research Assistant
Jill Cameron Research Assistant
Dale Chisholm Office Manager Keirstead Hall 304E
Eva Christensen Research and Evaluation Manager Keirstead Hall 304F
Cheryl Cowie Finance Coordinator Keirstead Hall 304D
Donna Curtis Maillet Data Services Manager and Privacy Officer Keirstead Hall 304B
Eleanor Duffley Research Assistant
April English Knowledge Transfer Officer
Abbey Fletcher Outreach Coordinator
Chris Folkins Research Assistant Keirstead Hall 304
Elizabeth Fry-Rahmanian Administrative Assistant Keirstead Hall 304
Jeffrey Gaudet Research Assistant Bibliothèque Champlain, Room 031
Lindsey Gilbert Data Services Project Coordinator Keirstead Hall 304C
Madeleine Gorman-Asal Research Assistant
Bethany Jones Scientific Writer Keirstead Hall 304
Afton Lavigne Data Access Coordinator
Zikuan Liu Data Engineer and Senior Data Analyst Keirstead Hall 317A
Sandra Magalhaes Research Associate Carleton Hall 133
Jessica Mann Training Coordinator
Ted McDonald Director Keirstead Hall 304H
Pablo Miah Data Analyst Keirstead Hall 300
Jennifer Moorcraft Relationship Development and Outreach Manager Keirstead Hall 304A
Peter Morrison Program Evaluator Keirstead Hall 300
Greg Paterson Qualitative Analysis Lead
Meaghan Pike Data Transfer Coordinator Keirstead Hall 304
Kyle Rogers Data Analyst Hazen Hall 333
Chandy Somayaji Data Analyst Keirstead Hall 300
Gabriel Teno Program Evaluator NB Precision Medicine Centre 141
Simon Youssef Research Assistant
Nabila Zaman Program Evaluator Keirstead Hall 300