Alexander Miller

Nata’ilsuteget, Indigenous Student Advisor

Mi’kmaq-Wolastoqey Centre

1 506 999 1171

Alexander Miller is Mi'kmaq from Ugpi’ganjig First Nation. After studying graphic design at NBCCD, he entered the trades and established himself in Ottawa, ON where he met his wife and started his family. Alex relocated to Fredericton in 2015, to pursue a BSc in Environment and Natural Resources at UNB.

Alex has a wealth of experience in curriculum development and land-based learning and holds a certificate in regenerative agriculture. He is passionate about environmental stewardship and is committed to the concepts of two-eyed seeing and seven generational thinking.

The MWC, and its Wocopsqoltine Weci Spiqiyahtuweq program helped Alex achieve his educational goals. He is excited to be able to use those skills and experience to assist and guide future students through their own journeys at UNB.