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Jon Spinney

Adjunct Professor

Management, Faculty of

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Master of Science (MS), Computational Finance University of Washington

Jon Spinney, MS, CFA, is Chief Investment Officer and VP Quantitative Investing at Vestcor (formerly New Brunswick Investment Management Corp.) in Fredericton. In addition to directing the firm’s overall investment activities and managing the investment research agenda, he is responsible for the implementation and management of all quantitative strategies (currently totaling approximately $3.5 billion in actively managed AUM across several portfolios). Previously, Jon held positions in portfolio management, applied research, and fixed income derivatives analysis.

Jon’s research interests are in quantitative investment strategies/asset pricing as well as pension & endowment management, and he has both published articles and acted as a reviewer in peer-reviewed academic and practitioner journals such as the Financial Analysts Journal and the Journal of Portfolio Management.

Refereed journal articles

Wang, P., Chapman, L., Peterson, S., and J. Spinney “Evaluating Spending Policies in a Low-Return Environment” Financial Analysts Journal, Fall 2018, Volume 74 No. 4.

Wang., P. and J. Spinney “Strategic Asset Allocation: Combining Science and Judgment to Balance Short-Term and Long-Term Goals” Journal of Portfolio Management Fall 2017, Volume 44 No. 1.

Mackinnon, G. and J. Spinney “Low Volatility Investing in U.S. Equity REITs” International Real Estate Review, Spring 2017, Volume 20 No. 1.