Tim McGarry

Associate Professor


Kinesiology, Faculty of

KIN 303


1 506 458 7109

Other titles

Acting Assistant Dean Graduate Studies and Research

Research interests

  • motor control: brain, behaviour, muscle, excitatory-inhibitory control, on-line control, reaction time, kinematics, electromyogram
  • sports performance: system analysis, dynamics, pattern detection, decision-making, strategies, tactics


I graduated with a Bachelor of Science honours degree (Sports Science) from Liverpool John Moores University (formerly Liverpool Polytechnic) before completing a Master of Science degree (Computer Science) at Bradford University. Following a two year hiatus from academe I attended the University of British Columbia to resume my earlier research in sports performance. I consequently graduated with a Master of Physical Education degree before undertaking further study at the same institution.

The field of enquiry for my Ph.D. changed tack to centre on the control of action (i.e., motor control) in general and on the stopping of an unfolding action (i.e., inhibitory motor control) in particular. Following my Ph.D. I assumed a research post at San Francisco State University for one year before accepting a faculty appointment at the University of New Brunswick.


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McGarry, T., & Franks, I.M. (2000). Inhibitory motor control in stop paradigms: Comment on Band and van Boxtel (1999). (Letter to the Editor). Acta Psychologica, 105, 83-88.

McGarry, T., & Franks, I.M. (2000) On winning the penalty shoot-out in soccer. Journal of Sports Sciences, 18, 401-409.

McGarry, T., Khan, M.A, & Franks, I.M. (1999). On the presence and absence of behavioural traits in sport: An example from championship squash match-play. Journal of Sports Sciences, 17, 297-311.